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Congratulations to December's & 2013 Top Contributors!

By JulieH

Congratulations to December's & 2013 Top Contributors!

by Community Manager Community Manager on ‎01-13-2014 02:20 PM - last edited on ‎02-11-2014 08:42 AM by Moderator Moderator

December's top contributors helped the Lithosphere to bring in the new year with engaging conversations and insights. Let's take a moment to applaud their achievements, and take a look at the overall leaderboards for 2013.


This month we'd like to recognize, @nathan , @Claudius and @premkumar  for all of the ideas, solutions, and contributions they've provided:









A wonderful job as always, congratulations!


Let's also take a quick look at some of 2013's overachievers—we couldn't have done it without you!


Top 5 Kudoed Authors

@Claudius  370

@jmurray 158

@flyingdoormat 115

@heavenerp 103

@cblown 90


Top 5 Posters

@Claudius 204

@cblown 109

@PerBonomi 104

@nathan 100

@jmurray 98


Top 5 Solutions Authors

@Claudius 28

@nathan 13

@premkumar 7

@cblown  6

@dhiraj_gophane 5


We can't express how thankful we are for everyone's continued support and interaction on the Lithosphere Community. We wish only the best for you in 2014!


by Honored Contributor on ‎01-13-2014 03:32 PM

Well done everyone, thanks to those who have helped me :smileyhappy: 

by Trusted Contributor on ‎01-13-2014 11:37 PM

Awesome. Thanks for the mention @JulieH :smileyhappy:

by Honored Contributor Honored Contributor on ‎01-14-2014 12:29 PM

I've been learning a lot throughout 2013 on Lithosphere and luckily enough some times my answers were even right and helpful. Thanks to the community for appreciating my contributions.


Kudos to nathan, premkumar and all the other Lithospereans for keeping this an interesting place :smileyhappy:

by Honored Contributor on ‎01-16-2014 07:07 AM

Thanks for the mention.


Activity has certainly grown a lot over the last year, and it's great to see questions getting good answers consistently.