London Meet-up - Wednesday 13th 6/6.30 - Location The One Tun (near the office)

On Wednesday 13 September (next week at time of writing)  @JoeC (CCO Lithium),  @JulieHamel(Sr CM @Alteryx) and I will be in London and are planning on getting together around around 6/6.30 at The One Tun pub which is  near the Lithium office.

125 Saffron Hill,
London EC1N 8QS

If anyone would like to join us for an informal meet-up around community, let us know ahead so we can plan accordingly. We would love to have you.

I will update this thread early next week with exact location.  - Updated




Andy K
Community Manager, Lithium Community

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Pity I have to miss out on that opportunity 😢

 Anyone nearby: You just have to be there and enjoy some great exchange with these community luminaries and generally great people.

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I am sadly going to be stuck at home due to AnkleGate - but would recommend either Craft Beer Co. or The Gunmakers, The Gunmakers have an upstairs room that you can reserve that is quite fun and cosy Smiley Happy




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Oh, I wish I live more closely, I would like to join.

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I have looked every which way I can and I can’t make this one.

I need to be home before 10 on Thursday leaving the only option the overnight sleeper / bus and I did that when I started at Skype and I promised never again.

I am hoping Joe would do us the honour of attending the next Scottish community manager meetup.. and @ClaudiusH your invited


Allen S
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Can't make it, but we'll have our next Scottish meet-up before long...

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Hi Andy


Looking forward to it, I will be there.  Just need venue now.


Hoping to see lots of you there as well.



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We are planning on meeting at The  One Tun on Saffron hill, details are in the original post.


@allensmith81, @JMcJohnston and @apache sorry you cannot make it, @apache maybe you can make it to one of the meet-ups in Edinburgh?


@AnnaBrown - looking forward to seeing you there Smiley Happy




Andy K
Community Manager, Lithium Community

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Update,  @DaveEv is in town and will be dropping by as well

Andy K
Community Manager, Lithium Community

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Can't join unfortunately. London is so close but it's the end of the Fiscal year and you know what that means :-)


Let me know if there's a recorded version/live streaming or better.....the ability to call in. Would be happy to sneak in and enjoy just a little bit of all that fun....


Have fun everyone!!


*singing "alll by myseeehheeelllf.....don't wanna be......."



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