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Scottish meet up - October 30th

Hey from north of the wall!! Winters coming... So come along and warm yer cockles with fellow community managers at our next meet up in Edinburgh. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/digital-community-management-meet-your-peers-tickets-38140413002?aff=es... This is our (really) informal get together which we're trying to make more regular every month. Every few months we'll up the ante... the next one should be 1st December.
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Community Management
Thanks for the heads up on the December one. Next week is a bit short notice unfortunately.

I highly recommend people from the North to attend as it's a great to learn from one another (and have fun at the same time).

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Community Management
Thanks Claudius that's my fault we have been talking about doing this for a while. The event in December is earmarked to be held in the Microsoft Office.


Allen S
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Web Development

Looking forward to the meet up. Will see you everyone on Monday Smiley Happy


@ClaudiusH hope to see you at the December meet up if you can make it, any ideas if @AndyK may make an appearance?


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Of course I will be there Smiley Very Happy

Andy K
Community Manager, Lithium Community

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Andy K
Community Manager, Lithium Community

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Great meet up with Scottish Power, Sky, Tesco Bank, Prudential, Lithium and Microsoft represented.


Scottish Power about to launch their Community any day so Eilidh had plenty of questions for the group - hopefully we didn't make her more nervous! 


New attendee from Prudential with a focus on video content production who still found the session really useful. 


We got into GDPR, whisky, multi-channel customer service and the state of the nation...


Next meet-up almost confirmed for December 1st at Microsoft offices in central Edinburgh - will post those details in next few days. 

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Hi guys, thanks for all you’re help at the meet up on Monday. It was great to hear advice from you all. The ScottishPower Community has finally launched so would love to hear your thoughts at the next meet up on 1st December. I’m sure I’ll have new questions to ask you all by then too 😊.

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Hey @emccadden saw that it was live, looking good! Hope it's all going well, see you on the 1st... The event is live to register for now https://community.lithium.com/t5/Customer-Meetups-Europe/Scottish-Community-Manager-meet-Digital-Tra...

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