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Just a little SHOCK here today.. My klout has been jumping around here lately.. On Aug7th, 2017 up .23 Klout score 80 

Aug 8th, 2017 down .10 Klout score 79... On Aug 9th, 2017 down .86 klout score 79.. 


Have you noticed this volatile fluctuation in your scores? What is going on? Any feedback appreciated.. any ideas?? 

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Re: Klout Score

Thanks for reporting what you've seen @cindycapo.  I've noticed larger-than-usual swings in recent days for my score which is similar to yours, 78-80 range. 

I don't think the bigger one-day jumps (drops) in my score are due to changes in my online behavior.  


We've seen these periods of greater variability in the past.  We've also seen when a big jump is followed by a drop a day or two later, and vice versa.  Clearly some kind of glitch that gets corrected on its own.


My guess is that they changed how they're processing info, or the data isn't flowing in with the same regularity.  But it's pretty slight.


That said, your change of 0.86 in a single day at a score of 80 is unusual.  Like I said, usually big swings like these self-correct within a few days.  Also when we check with friends they often see the same kind of changes at the same time.    Fewer people are monitoring scores daily now than ever before. So the scores to 2 decimals and reports of changes aren't as readily available to us.


Overall, the 90-day range of scores remains narrow.  The tides rise and fall.


Good luck everyone!

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Re: Klout Score

Thanks @cindycapo & @wittier. My klout score has been in a downward spiral that started on June 17th when it was at 80.74. Today my score went down .12 to reach 79.79. The 90 day spread is highest score 80.91 and lowest score is 79.79. It is certainly puzzling since I have not made any major changes to the way I post. At this rate I will hit 79 before the end of the week.


Thank you and happy hump day!

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Re: Klout Score

Hi again @cindycapo &  @wittier. Guess what? Today I had a major drop of 0.91 taking me to 78.81


I did not make any changes on my end but is in line with what you experience Cindy. Wondering what is causing this. Any ideas?

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