Lithium Stars program

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About our Stars Program

This new program is an expansion of the original VIP Council, aiming to recognize Lithium advocates and the different levels of participation that make up our amazing community, both online and offline. It runs on an annual basis, from one LiNC to the next, where Lithium Stars are inducted and formally recognized. To assist in the selection process, we're introducing a brand new Star Scoring system which takes into consideration Lithium Community contributions, Lithium Certifications and Events attendance.
Start participating today to improve your Star Score in time for LiNC 2016 and achieve Star membership:

The three types of membership


All-Stars are top contributors who are valued by Lithium and other community members. They actively participate in ideation, engage with other customers, share their insights and provide constructive feedback.



Rockstars are exceptional individuals who make up the top 1% in the Star Scoring system. They are Lithium Certified, have a unique perspective on building successful online communities and go above & beyond to assist other Lithium community members.



Heroes are Lithium's top advocates who have demonstrated their expertise in driving innovation and social programs at their organizations. They are influencers in their industry on what's "best-in-class" in delivering social customer experience and have a share of voice in Lithium's product direction to ensure that the platform continues to meet the needs of their business.

Rewards & Benefits

On top of formal recognition at the LiNC conference and induction into the Hall of Fame, Star members also gain a unique identity in our community and exclusive access to the Lithium Stars lounge to connect directly with Lithium and other Star members. Other benefits vary based on your type of membership and may include:

Invitations to online or in-person Lithium Stars gatherings   Discounts on events and certifications
Early access to beta programs and invitation to provide feedback on new features   Preferred seating at the LiNC conference
Lithium sponsored annual visit to San Francisco Lithium HQ   Invitations to participate in case studies and top tier media opportunities
Opportunity to speak at conferences, local and online events    

Selection Process

  • You must be a Lithium customer or partner to participate
  • Star members are selected based on their yearly Star Score, taking into account community participation & Lithium events attendance over the past 12 months prior to LiNC, as well Lithium Certifications obtained over time.
  • Heroes are nominated by Lithium for their strengths in strategy and execution, as well as their help spreading the love for Lithium and the practice of driving enterprise customer experience initiatives
  • All members will need to re-qualify annually

If you have questions about the program, please contact

Want to be a Star?

The Lithium Stars program recognizes and rewards the most active and influential customers in Lithium's community who shine by their expertise and ability to inspire greater levels of achievement and innovation.

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