And the 2017 Lithy Award goes to…

Last night in San Francisco's SoMa District, the 2017 Lithy Awards Ball was undoubtedly, the place to be.  The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco hosted Lithy finalists, victors, and friends of Lithium from around the globe. 


Of 130 submissions, the 2017 Lithy Award finalists and winners were announced in each category. The event was a great success as we raised our Lithy Bash Bubbly cocktails and toasted the elite customers, whose success inspires us daily. Please stay tuned for a full 2017 Lithy Award Ball recap of the "Oscars of Digital CX." In the meantime, you can read the full press release here







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The press release is right here. Thanks!  


Lithy Awards 2017

The winners in digital CX have been crowned!

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