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Announcing Lithium’s Media Experience

Photos are becoming increasingly important engagement points in community content. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our Media Experience, right here on the Lithium Community!


Our Goal

We want to make it easy and quick to share photo content in a community. And we want to make it quick and easy to discover and consume that photo content.


The Media Experience includes these new features:

  • New Photo Components: Add visual appeal to your pages! Surface photos that users are sharing in the community, and provide a new way to discover and explore new content. Our new components include: Top Photo Contributors, Latest Photos, Latest Photos per node, Top Kudoed Photos, In This Topic and My Photos.



  • Lightbox Photo Viewer: Magnify an image give it kudos, and browse others like it.
  • Redesigned Photo Uploader: Our new uploader allows you to upload multiple files at the same time, with instant preview, inline captioning, and more!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 2.57.22 PM.png



  • Photo Captioning: Add captions as you upload images! Captions add commentary within messages, in the lightbox viewer, and within photo albums.
  • TinyMCE Toolbar:
 We’ve made the “Photos” button easier to find so users will know how they can add images. 


  • Image Attachment Migration: 
Have you noticed users contributing images as file attachments? This optional tool allows you to convert them for inline display. 

  • Masonry Message View: Present topics and show off the images! This is particularly great for forums where engaging images are shared often, like our LiNC Event Group.


While the Media Experience is live today on the Lithium Community, it is currently in closed beta. In the meantime, take a peek here and let us know what you think. @AndyH and the team are looking for your feedback, so share it in the comments here!

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YAY for Image Attachment Migration!!!!!!YAY for Image Attachment Migration!!!!!!

Lithium Technologies
Customer Experience

Pure upload ecstasy !!!!Pure upload ecstasy !!!!

Software Development

In the meantime, take a peek here and let us know what you think!


Now this feature here... is gonna take me by the hand and.... upload me to the moon:


Great stuff!



Lithium Technologies
Customer Experience

Let's run a quick survey : who is beyond happy with Media Experience now integrated in our Community ? (Raise or clap your hands, raise your glass, do any other recognizable satisfaction sign) 



Community Management

Love the new media experience!! currently on the beta and going great! 

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Web Development

We've been playing with it here on our dev environments, definitely a lot of potential and a vastly improved user experience.


Opening the floodgates for image uploading, will be interesting to see what sort of impact this has on the type of content we get on communities and indeed interaction / conversation styles.

Community Management

Well played, @ArnaudL, well played...

@ArnaudL has been a tireless advocate for this project inside Lithium and has given us some of our best ideas along the way, on behalf of customers. Thank you for your contributions and passion around this, Arnaud! 


@Everyone: We want feedback! This product is in beta and our engineering team is keenly attuned to your conments. Please let us know your thoughts. I promise: you cannot hurt our feelings! Whether it's a small bug or a big feature idea: we want to hear it. That's what beta periods are for so please speak up! Feel free to post right here.  


Lithium Technologies
Customer Experience

There's no way i won't say publicly that @AndyH has been an absolute Master Product Manager on Media Experience !! Totally dedicated at building the very best module for our platform, with a strong and well defined vision, paying attention to every tiny qualitative detail, while providing constant super clear roadmap internally and being open anytime to jump into any customers real life conversations and concerns, as you can see in the picture below.

So, from all of us : most sincere thanks for this Andy (and team) !! Now let's push this as far as possible Smiley Wink

Andy (center) 100% focused on customers live feedback and examples during LINC15 !Andy (center) 100% focused on customers live feedback and examples during LINC15 !



I know we're not trying to get into photo editing with this, but given the popularity of memes (images with text laid on top of them) I wonder if we should consider adding not just images, but also adding text directly on top of those images. That said, maybe this is already possible and I'm just not aware. Just a thought!


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