Congratulations to our 2016 Top Contributors!

Happy new year! Each month, we celebrate our top contributors. This month, we also want to honor our top contributors from the entire year for all they do in our community. Join us in congratulating them! 


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@JasonHill and @Fellsteruk are known in our community as master problem solvers and, last month, they did it again with Jason's solution in the Customer Connection forum and Stephen's solution in the Support forum. We're excited to see a new face on the leaderboard! @DanK has been actively contributing to various Community discussions such as this one.


Now for our top contributors of 2016: 


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@JasonHill blew us away with over 700 kudoed posts this year! @Claudius was so involved in our community that he has now become part of the Lithium Team. You can find him on our community now as @ClaudiusH. And finally, major kudos to @Wendy_S for her helpful and inspiring  contributions this year. Congratulations to them all!


2017 is a new year, and with a new year comes new rising stars. Here's to a fresh start in 2017!

Community Management

Kudos indeed to those (and all those runner ups making up this great community) for sharing their expertise. Jason simply is a rock superstar.


Bowing deeply in gratitude


Community Management
User Experience Design

Congratulations everyone and great job  @ClaudiusH @JasonHill @Wendy_S for performing throughout the year! Wish you all a Happy and a rocking new year.

Lithium Technologies
Customer Experience

Speaking of 2016 Top Super Contributors... what were you saying to @ClaudiusH already @Wendy_S ????


Community Management

Happy New Year everyone. I'm back on board after a (too-short) summer break, and looking forward to another big year. Hope everyone had a happy and safe festive season. Here's cheers to flourishing communities in 2017, including this one. 



Killin it as always @JasonHill. Great work from @Claudius and @Wendy_S too Smiley Happy Thanks guys!

Cat Very Happy Congrats, everyone!


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