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Beyond disruption: creating durable transformation

Digital is past the tipping point. We need to shift from the hype of digital disruption to creating a lasting change in our businesses. A Total Community approach is at the center of how brands deepen their engagement with customers across sales, marketing, and service. The next dimension of customer experience includes activities before and after the purchase, including the ability to reach, respond, and understand your customers. It also helps brands to learn from and leverage the full spectrum of customer data. In the opening keynote at LiNC 2016 by LIthium CEO Rob Tarkoff ( @RobT )we learned why we need to act now, or risk losing a whole generation of customers. Here’s highlights of what Rob had to say:


Disruption is here to stay

Disruption is a necessary part of business. But spotting disruption in your business is not enough, you need a strategy for what happens post-disruption. A strategy to turn disruption into lasting change. The question we all need to ask ourselves is: have we implemented a path to drive permanent change? That strategy needs to be in place to address past disruption and enable you to manage disruption in the future.


Total Community is also here to stay

At LiNC 2015, we introduced the Total Community concept. Today, companies are not asking, “Should I do Total Community?”  but, “How should I do it?” They have realized that Total Community is not an add-on to how you do community, it’s an entirely new strategy to build lasting change for your business and improve customer experience.


Total community has passed the tipping point.The IDC predicts that 65% of support will be digital in 2018. Call deflection has been a major driver: AT&T reports saving $45 million. Cisco generated $52 million in case deflection. Deutsche Telecom reports that 80% of their customer service inquiries are answered within their community. But call deflection is not the only driving factor. Sky increased their net promoter score to 71 points. There are major customer satisfaction and service factors at play.


IDC also reports that 30% of sales are influenced by community. Community drives prospects to product pages and drives revenue generation. Industry analysts are naming and framing Community as new categories. We’re under major category creation that helps CEOs understand why Total Community is invaluable to the business. It is taking center stage in dashboards with sales, service costs, and satisfaction anchoring how the business is performing from the customer’s perspective. What has become clear is that Total Community is not a nice to have, it’s a necessity. If you don’t have it, you risk missing an entire generation of customers. .


Adopt a growth mindset

The challenge we all face in social, is that we still have to change some of the mindsets of leaders within our companies. We need to break through perceptions and help people adopt a growth mindset to be willing to take risks and embrace opportunities.

How have companies done this?

  • HP realized they were siloed and had skeptics who doubted how social would make an impact. Their social team became savvy at metrics, built a business plan, and now social thrives in the company.

  • USAA knows that digital and social are the most critical connection point between U.S. military members and their families. USAA faced compliance challenges and had to develop a growth mindset so that social and community data were incorporated into the core of what they do as financial services company. They built a business case proving that social needed to be a core fundamental part of the business.

  • Skype built a business case to prove that Total Community has deep value for their developers and customers. Their 4 million community members provide input into their product development and keep evolving their product and service development.


It’s time to complete the customer experience system

What we find, is that today’s CRMs by themselves just aren’t enough anymore. They operate in silos, focus on 1:1 transactions, and are starved of critical data. Total Community is designed for the real customer lifecycle, is free of silos and incorporates critical, new data. It bridges the sales, service, marketing, and customer silos and puts the customer at the center. This creates a complete customer experience system.


Start here

Data drives a multidimensional perspective of your customer and we need to start seeing them in 3D - not just who they are and what they purchase, but how they behave on social, what their interests are, and how they prefer to interact on social. The world of the customer is all about what happens before purchase and post-purchase. We have to start seeing customers through their way of experiencing this process. Your growth mindset equals your new platform.


Lithium is now able to provide you the complete platform

We are super excited to introduce Lithium Reach -- a social marketing tool that allows you to publish content from within your community and helps make the service team part of every promotion. Lithium Reach offers intuitive, easy to use content scheduling. It bridges the gap in today’s publishing tools to bring the whole picture together. Now you can connect on social channels, engage in branded communities, and understand the deep insights from customers to drive lasting change.


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