LiNC 2012 - Highlighting the Lithy Winners

Rob Tarkoff is President and CEO of Lithium, responsible for strategic direction and corporate vision. Rob joined in Sept 2011 from Adobe Systems, where he served as Snr VP and General Manager of the Digital Enterprise Solutions business unit.


On the Lithosphere he is RobT, and on Twitter you can follow him on @rtarkoff.



In the new social world every brand wants to become truly viral and achieve the full power of word-of-mouth marketing and peer-to-peer support. By owning engagement and enlistment strategies, companies can strengthen customer virality and gain the greatest returns on social customer experience investments.


So, while we spend a lot of time helping our customers to think through their approaches to social, it's extremely gratifying to see how our customers are already changing their businesses to succeed in this new reality. Nowhere was that better illustrated than in the Social Customer Excellence Awards - or the Lithys as we like to call them.


This is the third year that Lithium has awarded Lithys. While I have read submissions from the previous years, it was extremely inspiring to hear about these customer successes firsthand during LiNC. Witnessing how truly passionate our customers are about the work they are undertaking was humbling.



This year we received more than 25 entries from customers all over the world, including submissions from the U.S., UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Canada.


I am honored to announce and congratulate the winners of the 2012 Social Customer Excellence Awards. 



Best Superfan Story - A1 Telekom Austria


Read their Entry | Watch their Video



Best Community ROI - Autodesk

Read their Entry | Watch their Video


Best Global Implementation - Skype


Read their Entry | Watch their Video


Best Social Customer Experience Program - giffgaff


Read their Entry | Watch their Video


Best Community Technical Implementation - Sky


Read their Entry | Watch their Video


Best New Community - Cisco


Read their Entry | Watch their Video


Breakthrough Brand Nation Award - HP


Read HP's Entries - Entry One | Entry Two | Entry Three | Entry FourWatch their Video








All the Lithy Submissions are available to read on the Lithosphere.

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