New Lithium Community Manager

I have important news for our Lithium Community! I am happy to announce that @AndyK, a long time contributor to our community, has shifted into the Community Manager role at Lithium.  He was one of the architects of our latest redesign and has lots of ideas to evolve and grow our online community.  In conjunction with @PhilippeM our Director of Global Support & Operations, we’re rethinking how we can continue to improve your experience through engagement, cross-company communication and bringing our own Lithium community members together.  We already know that our focus will expand to include more support, customer success, and best practices with other members of the company chiming in.


Andy and Philippe will work closely with the marketing team on this next phase of the community.  @JaniceK will continue to manage our Lithium Stars program.


Please join me in congratulating and welcoming @AndyK to this new role!




Technical Support
Customer Service

 Thanks for the great intro, @DayleH! We're looking forward to working with our larger community to figure out how we can best continue to drive towards a top customer experience each and every time someone comes in.  @AndyK will be the forefront for this, so for the broader community, he's a great option to chat with on areas of improvement as is Suggestions for our Community.

Community Management

Congrats @AndyK. Looking forward to seeing the community continue to grow and benefit from your experience and wisdom. 



Great news! @AndyK will be missed from his previous role where he helped myriad customers including me, but it's a massive boost to a far wider audience with focus on this Community. @AndyK we need to celebrate over a beer soon...

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Web Development

Congrats @AndyK hope you can make the next meetup and we'll celebrate with a drink Smiley Happy

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Video Games

WOOOHOOO! Congrats @AndyK Smiley Happy Smiley Happy 

Community Management

Very good news for the Lithium Community. Delighted to work even closer with @AndyK now 👏

Thank you all, excited to be able to focus on this new role Smiley Happy.


@JMcJohnston and @RobertT - we should get something booked Smiley Wink

Community Management

congrats @AndyK, good news ! Smiley Happy

Community Management
User Experience Design

Congratulations @AndyK 


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