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#OnAirWithLithium: Gamification Best Practices

Gamification has played an important role in communities from the very beginning, and continues to be a hot topic for communities today. With the rise of Pokemon Go, brands can learn how to leverage the power of gamification to help engage their customers.


How It Works

We held our Hangout on August 25th, from 9-10am PT. Missed it? Watch the replay below!




@JennC (Community Manager, Lithium Technologies)



@Dani (Sr. Manager, Community, Domo)
@JeffT (Director of Support Community, GoPro)

@PeteC (Senior Social Solutions Consultant, Lithium Technologies)
@tolstoshev (Community Manager, Webroot)


Discussion Questions

  1. What is gamification?
  2. What are the goals of your community?
  3. How did you implement or tie in gamification?
  4. What rewards (intrinsic/extrinsic) do you have?
  5. How do you prevent people from gaming the system?
  6. What would your top tip be for someone implementing gamification?
  7. How has your gamification system evolved over time?


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Have questions for the team? Ask us anything by posting a comment below, or tweet @LithiumTech during the event using #OnAirWithLithium.


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Looking forward to the event!


Issue: calendar reminders don't work for me - can you post a direct link to the Hangout?





Community Management

Hi @carnould, we'll be posting the Hangout directly in the blog once we gets closer to the date. Stay tuned!

Too eager ;-)




Community Management

We appreciate the enthusiasm! Feel free to post any questions you may have for our panelists Smiley Happy

Community Management
Customer Service

I also wanted to save the date but couldn't. Will check here for updates.



Community Management

Hi @carnould and @Wendy_S, apologies for the error! We just updated the calendar reminder--can you try again and let me know if you're still unable to save it?

Community Management
Customer Service

Works for me @JennC :-)

Unfortunately I see now that the time doesnt work for me. I assume there will be a replay available?

Community Management

@Wendy_S, glad it worked, but we're sorry you won't be able to make it! Yes, there will be a replay posted right here in this blog when the Hangout is over. 


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