Southwest & Sprint in the Spotlight!

What you can learn about delivering awesome digital CX from Southwest Airlines and Sprint


Delivering amazing digital customer experiences is an imperative for every business today. But how do you create those experiences? And what impact can it have on your business? How do you break down siloes among marketing, customer service, public relations? Further, how do you create a single lens view of the customer so that the customer feels as if they are interacting with ONE company and not a bunch of departments?


These are questions we love to answer. But today, we’re proud to feature two of our amazing clients, Southwest Airlines and Sprint, to share with you how they are innovating digital CX to drive real business impact.


·        Southwest drove $4.3 million in retained revenue through a 67% call deflection via community

·        Sprint migrated 10 years of data, 10 million posts and 3.2 million community members in just six weeks to a Lithium platform and DOUBLED their membership in three months

·        Lithium Social Media Management (SMM) platform changed the game for both companies

·        Both companies drove a significant decrease in response times because of improved efficiencies and the single view of the customer in SMM


Hear from them how they are creating powerful digital CX for their customers and discover how you can do it, too.


Read their stories here.



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