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The Great Migration: Volume 1


"You know what? This isn't so bad."


That was my first thought this morning. Hi. My name is Ben Garves. I'm a Senior Product Manager at SolarWinds, overseeing the success of our THWACK online community for IT professionals. I have decided to embrace this transition from Jive's Jive-x, to Aurea Jive-x, to Lithium JX, and eventually Lithium, itself.


I am obsessed with community. You could say I'm actually addicted. Alcoholics have AA, narc-aholics have NA, spend-aholics have BA, workout-aholics have BO (but that's another story), we the community addicts have the Lithium Community. The SolarWinds THWACK community, named after the sound you make when restarting your computer solves every tech problem you have, resulting in a facepalm, has about 150,000 members, is external, open, and heavily customized. We're currently a hosted solution at, and it's given us the ability to do SO. MANY. COOL. THINGS. Because of that, we've always been afraid of what moving to the cloud would mean. Join me as I document this journey through posts to the Lithium Community.


Man. I would love to post this as a blog. I just can't even figure out how to. 


I'll learn. We'll all learn. That's the genius of Community. Thanks for reading, and I'm excited to share with you again in my next post.

Ben Garves
THWACK Community



//Ben Garves is the Senior Product Manager at SolarWinds, overseeing the success of theirTHWACK online community for IT professionals. SolarWinds hosts a 150,000-member external community, currently on the Lithium JX platform.//

Hey, you got a blog!

@CarolineS the rumors are true!


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