Top Contributors for December

That's a wrap! December flew by, per usual... We had so much going on on the community and in our own personal lives. December is a time filled with positive cheer, warm memories and gratitude for such a great year- at least, that's what we can hope for!


While some of you may have enjoyed a vacation, time off with loved ones, or just some good 'ol "unplugging", there was no lack of activity and we thank you for your engagement, as always! Our top contributors may be names you've seen before: We'd love to commend @AbhishekIlindra@TariqGrazitti, and @Wendy_S for rocking the community this month as our top members!





@AbhishekIlindra is an expert in our product ideas and can always be found providing loads of helpful solutions in our product discussion page.  Your expertise is invaluable! Thanks for always sharing!


@TariqGrazitti is an awesome honorable contributor who always helps others in our developer discussion. Kudos to you, Tariq! 


Last but certainly not least, @Wendy_S has always been a rockstar on our community. She is active on the stars lounge, community discussions, meetups- you name it! Wendy epitomizes involvement and we are so lucky to have her as part of our family. 


Thank you to all our users for always keeping the conversations flowing and for supporting our community! We will be rolling out top contributors for all of 2017 very soon! Looking forward to seeing who has taken the community to the next level this calendar year. We appreciate you all. 


Kelly @ Lithium  Smiley Happy 

Community Management
Social Media

Wow Man Happy Great News to Start the New Year.


Thank You @KellySull


Congratulations to @TariqGrazitti @Wendy_S Smiley Happy  

Community Management
User Experience Design

Congratulations @Wendy_S @AbhishekIlindra and @TariqGrazitti 



Community Management

Thumbs up once again for all the great contributors in December and those three standing out. You are always a source of insight, advice and inspiration here.

Community Management
Software Development

Thanks, everyone Smiley Happy and congratulations @AbhishekIlindra @Wendy_S

Community Management
Customer Service

Thanks everyone! Happy to help whenever I can and learning from everyone else who's doing such a great job here.

Happy new year!


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