Top Contributors for November

November flew by, and here we are, in the final month of 2018! As we dive head-first into the holiday season, we want to continue seeing engagement, though we know everyone gets wrapped up in things (no pun intended!). Thank you all for your engagement; as always, we want to honor those who go over and beyond to make our community ROCK.


Let’s give a round of applause to our top contributors @VikasB, @TariqGrazitti, and @MarkAtTruth.




Vikas is one of our honored contributors and is always “on it” with the developer discussion board. Thank you for your ongoing engagement!


Tariq is always on top of things on our developer discussion board. He had racked up a total of 403 Kudos since he joined the Lithium Community. His latest accepted solution can be found here.


Mark has been super active and engaging on our community. Glad we have him as a resource for others, and a fountain of ideas!


Thank you to all our users who engage with one another on a day-to-day basis! You help our community grow, more than you know!

Community Management

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience guys. Congrats.



Community Management
Software Development

Thank you @KellySull and congratulation everyone.

Community Management
Social Media

Congratulations   @VikasB @TariqGrazitti @MarkAtTruth Smiley Happy

Community Management
User Experience Design

Good going guys, keep rocking and helping the folks. Congratulations @TariqGrazitti @MarkAtTruth @VikasB

Community Management
Public Health


@TariqGrazitti and @VikasB Congrats to you two as well!


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