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All new discussions going to Spam Quarantine, how to make to display from board


All the new discussions are going under Spam quarantine. Moderators need to explicitly mark it as non Spam so the posts appears from the boards which is tedious.

How/Where to disable discussions automatically going to Spam quarantine. 

Immediate help will be appreciated.




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Hi Dell-Darshan,

Can you please check the configuration in admin panel as mentioned in below SS:

Payal Uppal
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Hi Payal Uppal,


Thanks for the immediate response.

But, I am not able to open the screenshot even after adding chrome extension (lightshot).

Can you please share the same in different format.



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Yes, please find below SS:



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Thanks for the SS.

Yes, the option is enabled.

I am not sure about disabling the same, also, we have different communities and the behavior is observed from specific community and the same behavior is not observed from other communities where the option is enabled.

Is there any other configuration leading to the behavior?

Thanks for your quick response.


Darshan A

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Hi Dell-Darshan,

This is the only setting which enable the automated spam filtering. You can also check the permissions for the same, please see the below link for more info:

Payal Uppal
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Hi Payal Uppal,


Thanks for your help.



Darshan A

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