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We have a user we want to bump up a couple of ranks so thought we'd use the bonus points to give them the relevant points for that specific rank.


I've tested using a test account to see if the bonus points work to get them up a few ranks but the rank doesn't change for the user.  


Just to add, I've triple checked that Bonus Points is turned on in CA Smiley Happy 





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@danni_v -  You will need to add (arbitrary_points) to your ranking formula.  There is no proper documentation for the bonus points, this is what I found here 


If you want to achieve this using customization, you can add a custom component on ViewProfilePage and can check user points there.  If the user reaches to the points which required for a new rank. You can assign a role to it using RestAPI. 


This role should be required for a rank which you want the user to have. 



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Added +(arbitrary_points) to all the rank formulas and it works Smiley Happy

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