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Hi All,

I was wanting to learn more about what other communities are doing to moderate the posts coming in. We have a filter build for competitors, smut, and negative phrases. We have a private board for mod discussions and removed posts. 


I would be interested in learning more about the systems in place for the actual moderation. Do you go into each board and read every post? Is there a way to sort the posts by unanswered or unkudoed posts? Is there a way to float an unanswered post back to the top of the feed without pinning it? - More like a boost so it is top of mind. What tools have been the most helpful?



Ashley Bragg
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Firstly, let me make sure you are using the Unread post page. 


The link for this community would be


It shows you all the posts on the community that you personally haven't read. Much better than ducking in and out of boards to ensure you don't miss anything new....




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We weren't using this feature. That is very helpful! Is there a way to access it other than the link? I see no button or tab in this community or ours

Ashley Bragg
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No, but it should be the first link in your browser favourite bar @AshleyBragg. Smiley Happy


Glad I could be helpful.





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Hi @AshleyBragg

You can set up escalations alerts for unanswered posts.  More info can be found here:
Set up auto or manual escalations for unanswered topics



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That is so helpful!! Thank you Deanna!
Ashley Bragg
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