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Hi All.


Perhaps this is better posted in the devs area but I am trying to find out 2 things. Well, 1 if the answer to the question is no ;-)


Is it possible to move just 1 page, i.e the search page to the responsive skin/template and not the rest of the community.

And if yes, how would we go about it (high level ;-)



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Hey Wendy. 


My my question would be why? As the benefit of responsive is mega so I'd say do it all however I know you'll have a valid reason so to answer the question. 


You have to to use the responsive peak and it's all or nothing so using lithium responsive on one page and the rest on legacy skins isn't possible however..... 


you could easily stay on what your on now then rebuild your search page as a completely custom  piece rebuilding everything yourself using a custom responsive skin and components for that given page. 


Unless the dev dev wizards know a way to use the lithium responsive skins in parts but not all I think this may be your only option.... 


good of luck with it. 


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@Wendy_S - This can be achieved but within the legacy skin. It is not that you move to responsive and keep only one page to the latest version and rest to the old skins. To add to this, we have made a responsive home page for Optimizely where they have v1 mobile skin for rest of their community. The OpenTable is completely responsive on a legacy Lithium skin.


And I agree with what @Fellsteruk said. There is no benefit of going responsive for only the search page, you should target the entire community.


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Hi Guys.

Thanks for your responses.
Yes, we definitely want to go fully responsive and that's something on the plan for later. Moving fully to responsive requires planning and resources, I don't take that bit lightly at all so scaling this out will require more time, resources, pre-planning and we're simply not there yet. I personally can't wait to move to responsive and if it was up to me only we'd moved yesterday.
In this case, we're doing a focus deep dive on the search experience and as we've customized the page a bit here and there and we're getting nice insights, I thought, if it was quite simply to go responsive for Search at this point and measure the impact of the UI design (which I quite like) that would be great.

So, not saying we will. I just wanted to know if the possibility was there :-)

Thanks guys!
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It might be easier just to apply a responsive like treatment to your search page then:
- switch to a one column layout
- apply CSS styling that adheres to device width and reduces the element sizing, margins and paddings accordingly.

This would still leave you with your page header and footer elements though which need to be responsive as well then.
And finally I'm not sure if you can disable mobile v1 just for one page. You could even work around that though by copying over the desktop search page layout to the mobile one and applying the same styling vie the desktop and mobile skins.

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