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How to generate SQL query from Alteryx

how can I view the SQL query that alteryx is using to run my workflow?

I've googled and found info about a 'dynamic output' node, but I can't find that node in alteryx - it might be in a previous version?

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Re: Introducing the Alteryx Community

Hi @Priyanka210 and welcome to the Lithium Community,


I assume your question was in response to the introduction topic for the Alteryx Community by @BrianOblinger. Keep in mind though that this community right now is from Lithium Technologies which provides the customer experience backbone to make the Alteryx Community successful.

Best if you re-post your question directly on the Alteryx Community at

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Re: Introducing the Alteryx Community

Thanks, @ClaudiusH!


@Priyanka210 - Looks like you made your way over to the community. See you there Smiley Happy

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