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Hi everybody, 


I have two questions about "recentpostspage".

Well, on our landingpage there is a component which shows specific types of posts or rather threads: new, popular, solutions.

As well there is a button which links the user to all posts, the recentpostspage modul.


Question 1: 

Is it possible to show just a list of all new, popular-threads or solutions, instead the standard recentpostspage?


Question 2:

The recentpostspage shows all post. In my opinion it would be even more neat to show the latest threads only. 

Is there an option to configure Lithium that way?


Thanks for any help



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This is not possible in OOTB page. However, you can add custom component on recentpost page and customize the way you want.



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There's a few Lithium out of the box pages that might serve already serve what you are looking for. E.g. here's a list of latest threads within this "Online Communities" board:


Have a look at the documentation here:


I'm not sure if you are looking to replace the recent posts page or the widget on your landing page. The latter would require looking at some of the built in components or developing your own as outlined by @TariqGrazitti.

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