Set as default to open links in new page

Hi everyone,
I'd like to set as dafault the setting "open in new page" when a user posts a link in a message.
Currently the default setting is "open in the same page".
Is there a wey to do this?



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You can ask lithium support if they can do.  I guess they can do it but customization will be required. 

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Hey @VikasB is correct, support can help however it can be done free of charge with a support ticket, did mine last year. 


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Curious to learn what motivates you to enforce opening links in new tab. Would you mind sharing @salvatorelab and @Fellsteruk ? I assume that you want to reduce the likelihood that visitors move off the community domain to quickly and easily. Maybe even to increase the time on site / pages per visit metrics. Curious to learn if that's what you are looking at and your change last year did have a metrics impact, Stephen.

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Got it in one...Cat Tongue

90% of the links my support team and customers share are links to content off the community domain and i want to keep them on the site as much as possible hence this change as they can always flick back to the tab they came from. 


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Hi @ClaudiusH,

for me it's just a matter user experience.
In my personal opinion, opening a link in a new tab gives the idea that the thread is still there waiting for a reply. 
Opening in a new page is a more heavy redirect. 
I mean, it is not a law, it''s just my opinion.
I try to imagine the behaviour of the less web-instructed user. I think that leaving the community thread still present in a tab could remind the user that the discussion keeps goin'.
A community is not a search engine. It's a dialogue. It's get in touch with people. Always better remind this. It's nice to talk to people. Smiley Wink


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