Smiirl Integration

Has anyone had success with Smiirl's custom web counter? We are looking to connect them to individual superusers Kudo count.

Any best practices would be very welcome. Smiley Happy

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Hey @Kronshage

looks like the device only requires an input JSON endpoint that provides the counter value. I think if you create a Custom Studio Endpoint that returns the number of kudos for a given user (maybe accepting a user ID as a parameter) - it should do the trick.


Paolo Tagliaferri
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@Kronshage as @PaoloT mentioned, this just requires a JSON input which can be generated by an endpoint.  Moreover, for your case, you need to custom code to get the super users kudo in the endpoint and pass that to your smiirl counter.


I hope this helps. Good luck!

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Thanks for sharing this product link, @Kronshage - I just spent 15 minutes on their page and was about to order one right away Smiley Happy

I think the integration can be pretty straight forward if you just use this API v1 link for the kudo count of each of your super users:

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This will actually return JSON :

However their page does not specify if a specific JSON format is required, or if you can configure which element to look at. If a specific format is required, an endpoint will likely help.

Paolo Tagliaferri
Principal Technical Consultant

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Thanks for the replies everyone. I will definitely keep you posted once we get the devices in hand and have a chance to test them. Smiley Wink



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@Kronshage any updates yet? I recently came across a Smiirl counter in a bar I visited here in Montreal and was reminded of SFR who had quite the success story in 2015 with the live "Merci" counters they offered to superusers:


I've been thinking of this as a potential community anniversary thank you for our own top contributors so I was glad to come across your recent thread! I would love to get more insights once you have an update. Perhaps we even have some folks still around from SFR or The Social Client who would be willing to share? (cc: @ArnaudL)



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Thanks for pinging me on this one @JulieHamel ! Yes it has been done before by The Social Client. Even if he is newly more into IA projects i'm sure @sakkaoui (CIO The Social Client) would be happy to share here !


FYI this counter integration has been fully demonstrated at LiNC2015 during a breakout session : look at the picture below, counter and Stéphane are on top 😃






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