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Top Contributors : How to remove Community Manager from the rankings ?




I want to remove Community managers from the rankings to let members only.

I can't find where we can change it on the administration.


Does someone know where is it ?


Thanks !



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Hi @Lamia_HEAVEN


This should be under your admin panel under Features -> Kudos. There should be a field to exclude roles called "Top Kudoed Authors component:Roles to exclude." You can put the Community Manager or equivalent role in this field to have them excluded from the Top Contributors component.



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Hello Kenneth, 


Thank you for your answer !


I've found it !




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@Lamia_HEAVEN I think you're supposed to mark @KennethS 's response as the correct answer.


@KennethS Did you do that here so that Lithium Employees don't show up in top Kudo'd list any more?

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Also Top Contributor doesn't necessarily mean top Kudoed or vice versa.  I could get top contributor without receiving a single kudo. 

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Correct Mark. it depends on what top contributor component is meant.

You can exclude the roles from both top kudoed and top solution contributors.

For solutions you find it in Admin>Features>Accepted Solutions and exclude the role name you want to stop seeing.




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