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Looking back: An Amazing Year - An Amazing Tour

I know, it’s been ~6 month since I blogged. Rather than giving you excuses and apologizing, I’m just going to move on. Let’s just say that I had my reasons for being off the social grid for that period of time. But it’s a new year and a new beginning, and one of my resolutions for 2014 is to get back to a more regular blogging cadence.


Today, I want to pick up where I left off 6 months ago and give you a quick media recap of the world tour for the science of social 2 (SoS2), including links to the video and audio files.




sos2 button flags 100_1london.pngThe first stop of the tour was London. It was an amazing 1-day conference named BLiNCK—the future of social. We had almost 200 attendees including 5 of our European customers as speakers. Here is a quick video excerpt of BLiNCK.



If you like to dig deeper into what I talked about, here is a concise synopsis of my talk covered by Neil Davey from




Continental Europe: Paris, Munich and Zurich

sos2 button flags 100_2paris.pngNext, I took a train to Paris and started the journey across continental Europe. Since I don’t speak any French, German, or Swiss, I could only engage the audience’s left brain through the common language of logic and science. If you would like to experience that intellectual engagement, here are your options:



sos2 button flags 100_3munich.pngWhen I was in Munich, I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Bernhard Steimel, who has interviewed many business gurus from around the world, covering topics like community, CRM, brand management and e-commerce. Fortunately, he speaks very good English. Here is the YouTube recording of the interview:



sos2 button flags 100_4zurich.pngHere is another set of interviews during the Zurich segment of my tour. It was conducted by coUNDco and posted on YouTube as 4 shorter videos:






Asia: Singapore and Jakarta

sos2 button flags 100_5singapore.pngNext stop was Asia. I took a very long flight from Zurich to Singapore. Here is where the journey became interesting—both good and bad. During my stay, Singapore was affected by the worst Sumatra haze crisis in history. The pollution standard index (PSI) reached 400, where 300 is already considered hazardous. It was so bad that a Wikipedia entry was created for this health crisis. When you travel a lot, the probability of hitting some extreme crisis, like this, increases dramatically.




sos2 button flags 100_6indonesia.pngAside from the health hazard, the book tour in Singapore was great. We just had to stay indoors. While in Asia, I also had the pleasure to speak at the Indosat headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia, covering the topic on community co-creation.


As part of the book tour, I was also interviewed by Rahul Joshi from Enterprise Innovation. This resulted in this press coverage as well as a byline article:



Beside our SoS2 event, I was independently invited by iDA—the Inforcomm Development Authority and the Ministry of Finance of Singapore to present at the eGov Global Exchange. This is a very cool conference with keynote from the Deputy Prime Minister—Tharman Shanmugaratnam. It’s definitely not my everyday audience with ~600 government delegates and 23% overseas officials from all around the world. Here is a quick recap of the event:



Did you spot me in this video? I’m pretty inconspicuous, but I’m in there I promise!




sos2 button flags 100_7usa.pngAfter Asia, it was another long flight back to the US. For this part of the book tour, we had analyst presenters in addition to customer presenters. I have always enjoyed working with analyst, because they offer an industry perspective, which is often beyond my purview. I had the great pleasure to present with and learn from 2 well-respected industry analysts—Michael Fauscette from IDC in NYC, and Kim Celestre from Forrester in SF.


Flight Delay2.pngThis segment of the tour was relatively much smoother, except for the longest delay I’ve ever experienced. I was stuck in EWR airport for ~7 hours, due to low clouds in SFO that prevented incoming flights from taking off—the status monitor stopped updating after we hit the 5 hour delay mark. Since the tour scheduled between NYC and SF was only a day apart, it was getting  pretty hectic when we lost those 7 hours. Moreover, I had to speak at our SF engineering open house on the same day—in addition to the book tour. Luckily I made it back in time to deliver both sessions!


open house480.png 



ANZ: Sydney, Wellington, Melbourne, Perth

sos2 button flags 100_8australia.pngSince I was back in SF, I took a little break before taking another long flight to Sydney. Although this was the last segment of the book tour, it certainly wasn’t any easier. It was the second most densely packed travel schedule I’ve had in my life. I had 8 flights—SFO to SYD to WLG to SYD to MEL to PER to SYD to AKL to SFO—during a 6 period between Australia and New Zealand. It feels like we were in air more than on ground. I was told that I covered more of ANZ than most Australians and New Zealanders!


SoS2 ANZ map3.png


sos2 button flags 100_9newzealand.pngWhile in Sydney, I had a really fun interview with Liz Tay from Business Insider. Since Liz has a physics background, she was very interested in the math and science behind the social-curtain. The 2nd interview was with Peter Roper from Marketing Magazine when we were traveling to Perth. You can learn some of the science, too, through the coverage below:




Home at Last

At last, I arrived home after nearly two months of travel on the SoS2 tour. It was exhausting, but at the same time very exciting and fun. However, the work didn’t just end with the tour, but I will save the next steps and other highlights for future blog posts if you are interested. Since I don’t generally write about my own experiences, let me know if you like to hear them.


Next time, I will get back to the more scientific topics. After all, this is the science of social blog.


What would you like me to discuss? BTW, since I’m totally gamified by all the airline miles I’ve collected during the book tour, maybe I’ll revisit the topic of gamification. There is still much to discuss.


See you soon.



Michael Wu, Ph.D.mwu_whiteKangolHat_blog.jpg is CRM2010MKTAWRD_influentials.pngLithium's Chief Scientist. His research includes: deriving insights from big data, understanding the behavioral economics of gamification, engaging + finding true social media influencers, developing predictive + actionable social analytics algorithms, social CRM, and using cyber anthropology + social network analysis to unravel the collective dynamics of communities + social networks.


Michael was voted a 2010 Influential Leader by CRM Magazine for his work on predictive social analytics + its application to Social CRM. He's a blogger on Lithosphere, and you can follow him @mich8elwu or Google+.

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Great stuff, looking forward to catching you at the community summit in a few weeks Smiley Happy 

Data Science

Hello Fellsteruk,


Thank you.

Yeah, let's definitely catch up.

See you soon in a couple of week at the Virtual Community Summit.


Social Networks
You were in Japan also!
Data Science

Dear Ricky,


Yes, I was in Japan. But that was after the official schedule of the tour


That is why I said at the end that my work didn't end when the tour end. There were continued interest, many invites, and opportunities to speak. That's one of the reason that I wasn't able to write much.  ;-)


If I include all the countries I've travel last year, it will be many more than what's shown in this post.


Thank you for commenting.

See you again soon. 

Dr Wu,


I had the honour and pleasure of accompanying you on the APAC leg of your tour - Singapore, Jakarta, Singapore (worst #sghaze ever - sorry about that timing), Sydney, Melbourne and also back in Singapore for the DBS innovation event.  Thankyou for spending so much time in Asia - it was a gruelling but fantastic program.  In the words of one of our customers "everytime I get to spend time with you I walk away feeling so much smarter".





Data Science

Hello Imogen,


I'm glad to be part of the program. Like I said, the trip gets interesting. And that's why I have a story to tell now...  ;-)


I really appreciate your accompany. You made everything flow so smoothly and beautifully that I feel the weeks went by pretty fast. Besides, I like it more efficient and effective. People often tell me that life is short, and that I should enjoy while you can. But my reply is that life is short, so make it count, live it to the fullest and never waste time. And you are definitely helping me live a fuller life by making it count. Thank you for that.


And thank you for commenting and sharing.

I look forward to collaborating agian, soon.


Dear Dr. Wu,


It was great to have you here in Singapore. Look forward to seeing you in Asia soon.





Data Science

Hello Vinod,


Yeah. I'd love to visit Asia again.

Just let me know when and where you need me. We'll definitey try out best to make plans to accommodate. BTW, great seeing you at SKO.


See you soon, in APAC.



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