Best settings for spam flood controls?


With a recent release of the community software, flood controls play a bigger role in detecting potential spam and sending content to the spam quarantine.  The default settings are documented here.


We're finding several new users are getting stuck in the spam quarantine when they create a post, publish, then almost immediately edit and republish.  I'm guessing that's counting as > 1 post action and if it happens quickly enough, it's counted as spam.  Thankfully the new spam notification on the message board helps them to see this and they can ask us to release it.  


Has anyone else encountered this -- more legit messages being thrown into spam?  And has anyone found an optimal setting for the flood control thresholds?  Lithium Support did not have a specific recommendation, so I'm hoping that someone here has licked this.




We edited the text of the spam notice to be a little friendlier and link to an explanation.




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We are also experiencing the same on our newly created forum powered by Lithium (Multichoice, South Africa).

The response from Multichoice to the problem has been very disappointing and worse, no one in MC is reacting to requests for the posts to be released either.

I notice that your report is also not attracting much response from Lithium .... Smiley Frustrated



PS at least the post editor on this forum is working as it should! Ours is a disaster as not all the editing facilities have been activated, and those that are working are not working the way they should.


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I haven't yet found good guidance on the flood control settings.  I'm inclined to remove the controls that limit users to "1 message per 60 seconds" -- change that to 0 seconds or whatever the lowest bar is.  I hope that would stop triggering the post-then-edit-and-repost scenario.

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A few months ago, I examined our flood controls to see how we could improve to stop the onslaught of spam we were facing. After a lot of testing, we settled on 2 posts in 1 minute, 5 posts in 10 minutes and 20 posts in 30 minutes. We have to allow 2 posts/minute because if a user forgot a label on their post, or accidentally clicked the post button more than once, etc they would trigger the flood controls. So far, this seems to be working for us.


Also, I have not noticed any changes after the 18.2 release in Production.


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Thank you @lilim! We are trying with 5 posts in a minute, and we'll see what that does.  We have several new users who post, edit, repost, and then maybe edit again.  They're just trying to get it right, I guess.

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