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Good day everyone,

Once you have assembled your team of bloggers, created a calendar, set up best practices for content, what are you doing about promotion within your community?

Yes the blog may be added to featured content, I also promote via twitter, but what else are you doing to put eyes on your blogs?

Certainly content is king and readers will naturally follow bloggers who they like, but how are you making the introduction?

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Community Management

Some ideas:


  • Guest Posts - Have guests that resonate with your target audience contribute to your blog. Contribute on a guest basis to blogs that match your target audience.
  • Response Posts - Link to and respond with your take on topics posted to blogs that are relevant to your audience. This can raise your status as an industry thought leader and help others discover a larger network of content that you belong to.
  • Recommended Content - Leverage these widgets in your community to surface relevant blog content to users participating in other interaction types.
  • Notifications & Subscriptions - Sometimes getting folks to follow your content is as simple as asking them. Having strong calls to action on your pages can lead to increased repeat visits and readership.
  • Aggregation Sites - Submit your blogs to popular aggregation sites to increase reach.
  • Participate in the Conversation - Comment on other relevant sites. If users enjoy your perspective, they may follow you back to your blogs.


I look forward to hearing other ideas - this is a topic that we can all learn from.

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Appreciate it @BrianOblinger - great stuff.

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