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Hi guys,


Just asking best practices about newsletters and personalization. We just sended our very first community newsletter to our members. First we think we are going to personalize them, by adding custom greeting:


"Hi nickname.."


But then we realised that there is several interesting nicknames out there, like "fu**k you" so the custom greeting would look like:


"Hi fu**k you,"


How you handle these situations, do you have personalization with greetings? If so, do you send newsletter to everyone or have you removed those "nasty" nicknames/members from recipients list?


Thanks in advance.

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That's a problem that should be tackled upstream: Your community guidelines includes a reference to respectful conduct and communications. Those members with usernames violating this rule should be approached by the moderation team and given an opportunity to pick a different name. If they don't reply change it after a few days to a generic "member235".

Your team can spend time better on working out relevant and current newsletter content than bothering with members that don't know how to behave.

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Community Management



Further to @ClaudiusH's wise counsel, if you are not using SSO for your login then you should take advantage of content filters to block offensive words and other undesirable terms being used by members in their usernames. 






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Hi guys and thanks for your replies.


We have SSO and we have smut filters in the community but I´m not sure how about our usernames and filters.


That username I posted was just a example, we don't have that horrible nick names, luckily Smiley Happy But now when you said, @ClaudiusH, of course we have to check those nick names and ask users to change them. They can´t do it themselves, only we can do it, but we can ask their opinion and do it by "force" if needed.


Ps. I just looked our numbers, how well the newsletter performed and I am happy that it performed very well Smiley Happy

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Just wanted to point out that the Lithium Login filter which incorporates the Smut Filter is not limited to non-SSO customers. While the original registration still happens on the customer side, many SSO customers still have Lithium take over for Screen Name selection and agreement to the Terms of Service to take advantage of the features that Lithium provides.

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