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Just wondering if anyone has, or if it's possible, to integrate results from other platforms into Lithium search. For example, we have integrated Oracle Service Cloud's contextual knowledge module into Lithium - shows related FAQs based on title of post butI'm keen to explore if we could offer FAQs as part of Lithium Community search?


We have opened the journey from FAQ to Community i.e. "didn't find what you're after? Ask in the Community" and the contextual module has helped our FAQ SEO and some traffic but keen to test for more.

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Not out the box, its easy enough to use community API to federate community with another but another with community would need work, this is actually something i've recently looked into and i'm in the mind to just move all that FAQ content into the community so it's in a single platform but appreciate that may not be an option for you. 


it's not impossible though, essentially you'd have to ensure that Oracle have an API you can call to get the FAQ content, then you'd need to re-build the search widgets you have in community today so that when a user searches the component is looking across community and polling the oracle API at the same time then serving the results up in a custom search result page...





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Hi Mike -

We use Federated search to pull community content to our support page (where our knowledge base articles live).

From here, customers can search and they get articles as well as community content - I actually see A LOT of traffic to my community from our support site and sure federated search is part of it.

I have not implemented it the other way.  Articles are great, but I prefer to enable discussion and information exchange.



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Thanks for the reply, been considering that way round. I don't have control of our search (Google Search Appliance) but i think would be my preference also.