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Transitioning to a new community manager - best practices?

I've recently learned that I will be taking over community manager duties for an already established, but young, community (4-5 months old). I feel like I have a pretty good handle on what info I need to get from the outgoing CM, but I'm curious to hear your feedback.  


  • What are some must-haves/must-dos?
    • Behind the scenes
    • Publicly in the Community
  • Any common pitfalls to avoid?
  • What would you do on Day 1?


(for background, I'm also working as CM on standing up another community at some point next year, and have previous CM experience starting a community from the ground up.)

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Re: Transitioning to a new community manager - best practices?

Hi @BHall,


I recently became the CM for our community and what I would say was the most useful step we took in the transition is that behind the scenes the previous CM sent out a goodbye message to our superusers that then introduced who I was, so those that are most engaged in the community knew the change was taking place and could help support this.


Other than that I would say make sure you don't change the daily routine of the old CM too much at first, until other members become used to your new role on the site.


Best of luck!

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Re: Transitioning to a new community manager - best practices?

Congrats on the new community @BHall Smiley Happy


Agree with @amycatling about  the importance of communicating with the power users as early as possible to allow the CM to already start building a relationship before the official day one. They might also have a question or two about super user personalities for the old CM to answer Smiley Wink


Some ToDos I can think of:

  • Announcement blog post on community blog: Posted by the old CM it should introduce the new CM and include a few words by the new one to get to know them
  • Update all the "About the community team" content to reflect the new team
  • Possibly re-post (and review for actuality?) announcements like guidelines, welcome posts etc from the new CMs account (Don't forget to update links in welcome emails. Ideally replace those links with vanity links you can easily update going forward)
  • Move the old CM account to a "Former Staff" / "Alumni" / "Former CM" rank and close it down. If the old CM wants to stay active in the community it's best to create a new non-staff account to separate these activities clearly
  • Verify the system PM sender setting in "Admin -> Features -> Private Messages -> Send private messages using this user name" as it might need updating
  • Similarly check the content filter settings in "Admin -> Mod Tools -> Content Filters" (Don't miss the "Settings" tab) and same for Escalations to ensure your filter notifications and escalations are correctly mapped.

Would love to hear what additional actions you will uncover during your start. Please share them back with the community in this topic Smiley Happy

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Re: Transitioning to a new community manager - best practices?

@amycatling @ClaudiusH Great stuff, thank you both!


I will certainly come back here to share any key learnings.

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