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We currently don't have the contests component in our community so I'm looking for your feedback on how you've been using them so far and if you (dis)like it.


So, what do you think of the contests component?

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What kind of community do you run? 


We support photography enthusiasts, among others, and use the contests in 2 ways:


  • Open-ended contests function as an ongoing shared gallery. We've done some customization to allow filtering based on labels and to disable the Home/Winners tabs.  Check it out here.
  • We also run standard Contests, with start and end submission dates, inviting photo uploads according to a theme. For these we use the Home and Winners tab as OOTB.

Both of these encourage users to engage.  If they are interested enough to share their photos (= their intellectual property) with us, then they have a vested interest in the brand.  They usually return to check out comments/kudos on their photos or to see how stiff the competition is.


A functional issue that comes to mind is that the Entries tab opens with 'Hot Entries' as the default.  I wish that it was a configuration option to choose which tab is shown first. I will think on it and list others as and when I remember.  


I'm interested in the video and short-story contests too, and have posted about it but had no takers thus far.    


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