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special permission for a single post

Hi there,

I'd like to create a single post (inside a general board) that only users with a specific rank can see and interact with.


I know how create a board with this permission but I don't know how (and if it's possible) apply this permission only to a post under a board open for all users.


Any help?


thanks in advance


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I don't believe this is possible out of the box. 




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Not out of box. Best bet is possibly freemarker based on the rank, but it can be tricky. Roles are probably easier to use as an identifier.

What's the business need behind this? Isn't it better to just create a private board accessible by a particular role?
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@SimoneM - Late to jump onto this, but if you still want a solution, this is something that would not be possible OOTB. There needs to be a custom solution for this. We implemented a similar solution where we blocked the threads based on the user locations.


I hope this helps.


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