Announcing Changes to our Idea Exchange

Our Ideas Exchange has long been an avenue for community users to share ideas on product enhancements, and vote on ones they’d like to see.


We took a look at our Ideas Exchange recently, and realized that there was a challenge with so many statuses. In order to provide more clarity and improve our Idea Exchange, we’ve planned to implement the following changes: 


  • Add “Acknowledged”. Submitted an idea? We’ll move it into this status when we’ve reviewed the idea and acknowledged that it meets our submission guidelines.
  • Change “Comments Requested” to “Needs Info”. We understand based on feedback that this status wasn’t always clear. “Needs Info” means we need more information to understand your idea. When an idea is in this status, we will comment and ask you to clarify or elaborate.
  • Change “Accepted” to “Yes! Stay Tuned” and “Declined” to “Not Now” to make it clear that “Accepted” doesn’t mean “immediately”, and that “Declined” doesn’t mean “never.”
  • We’ll also remove the following statuses:
    • Under Investigation
    • Uncommitted Candidate
    • Suggestion Provided
    • Partially Delivered



Our goal is to make these changes by early 2017.  Within each status, we will be archiving ideas that have not had community activity in a year, or for features that are phased out and do not have more enhancements planned.


See an idea you like? Be sure to contribute your vote and add your two cents by commenting on it!



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Reasonable changes that should help keeping it focused and searches relevant. Will the archived ideas remain on the ideation area or moved somewhere else to exclude them from searches? 

Welcome changes!


I like the "Yes! Stay Tuned..." and "Not Now" in particular. Both friendlier, and in line with the messy world of prioritization that is the reality of software development.

@Claudiusas of now, they'll remain as is and won't be moved to another board. 

I like the changes! Cat Happy


If an idea falls into the "features that do not have enhancements planned" category -- will this be stated when the Lithium team is archiving it?


Also, one question I see crop up every now and then is how to un-archive an idea. Is the best option for the idea to be posted again?



What do we do with IDEAS in the meantime?

@IanAtJMP The Product Ideas area should be available again.

Thanks @KennethS

What about ability to give kudos on ideas comments?


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