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Embedding a webapp in a post

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Registered: ‎03-13-2015

Ciao Community,

next month we will launch some new promotions dedicated to our clients.

I'd like open a dedicated board (that only registered users can see) with topics open by adm (one topic for each promo)


In one of this topic I'd like to embedd a web app (a instant win app).


is it possible? the web app needs  specific requierements? 


thanks for your help!

Re: Embedding a webapp in a post

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Ciao @SimoneM

I tried it out using a user with admin permissions on our test community and could successfully insert another page by adding an <iframe> in the HTML editor pane. In my example I inserted the topic itself as an iframe which created a nice topic inception 😁

iFrame inceptioniFrame inception

The member (or rather their rank) posting these topics needs to have the "Use full HTML in posts and signatures"  permission.

Also you might want to double check that you can actually include pages from a different domain.


And finally double check that there's no conflict between HTTP insecure pages including HTTPS secure pages and vice versa. If your community is served only as HTTPS you should be safe though.

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Re: Embedding a webapp in a post

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Yes, I can provide you the solution of this. Please message me..

Re: Embedding a webapp in a post

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Registered: ‎03-13-2015

Thanks @ClaudiusH 

this is very helpful!