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Lithium’s Community has four blogs that are readily accessible to you- to inform, educate, and entertain you! Check out our blogs to learn about best practices for Lithium Products, the latest in Industry news, Customer Success Stories, and more.
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Engage with us here! This discussion board is home to our product discussions, ideas, beta programs and community suggestions. You can also exchange ideas and suggestions with peers from other brands!
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Knowledge & Support

Our Knowledge & Support section is considered the hub for release notes, training updates, developer documents and FAQs. All your technical need-to-knows are right here!
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Developer Network

If you are a customer or partner developer interested in how you can build for, supplement or extend the Lithium Community platform, then this is the board for you. We'll be talking about how to build components, tips and tricks for Lithium Studio, REST API, developing with Freemarker and more.
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About Our Community

Here you will find details about our community, a list of our biggest Lithium advocates in our Stars Program, and new jobs that have opened over at Lithium.
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Nominations are now open- submit by May 10th!
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Join us in London on the 20th of June!

LiNC Local London is making its debut in 2017. Your favourite parts about LiNC- the fully-packed sessions, our elite customer advocate stories, unparalleled networking opportunities- are back in action… in LONDON! Register now to experience the magic of LiNC Local London.

Hello and welcome to the new look Lithium Community You can find out more about our redesign in our blog where you can also leave feedback regarding the redesign.

If you have suggestions for the community itself we have a Suggestions for our Community board in the About category.

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