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We decided to interview Becky Scott, former Program Manager at Cisco, as she has now joined Team Lithium. We are thrilled to have Becky on board with us, now as a Sr. Solutions Architect. 


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What was your favorite part about being a Rockstar? 

By far it was the other Stars who made it great. The members are helpful, vocal, and a lot of fun.


How was community management relevant to what you are doing now? 

It’s extremely relevant, since I’ll be talking with customers about community!


What’s your role going to be at Lithium? 

I’m part of the Go To Market team for Lithium JX, as a Sr. Solutions Architect. I will be helping JX customers with best practices, answering questions about the Lithium platform, and much more.


What are you most excited about doing at Lithium? What do the first 90 days look like? 

I’m most excited about doing what I can to help make our customers’ communities the best they can be! My first few months will be spent talking with customers and doing a lot of listening around what parts of Jive-x should be brought in and prioritized.


How do you think community is going to evolve in 2018? It’s certainly going to be interesting with the changes we’re going through, as well as the industry in general. I hope that more companies will continue to realize the value of owning their communities and really focusing the proper resources to make it truly successful.


What do you like to do outside of work?

I love to spend time with my boys! They are at a great age and a lot of fun. I also like to travel and try food from all over. I’m a bit of a (lapsed) hobby photographer, but I’m hoping to get back behind the camera more in the coming year.




About BeckyS: 

Formerly known as "lolagoetz" on the community, I'm now a Sr. Solutions Architect with Lithium. I have well over a decade of community management experience and I love making connections between people, process, and technology.

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Congratulations @BeckyS, welcome to the new role and looking forward to seeing more from you Smiley Happy

Community Management

Congrats Smiley Happy 

Thanks @VarunGrazitti and @Fellsteruk -- appreciate the welcome!

Welcome @BeckyS to Lithium! 

Thanks, @RajuM. It's great to be here.


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