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What a great 6 months it’s been for Team Lithium! Named a leader in the Forrester Wave, integrated with Facebook Messenger and kicked off two successful #LiNCLocal events! What better way to celebrate everyone’s achievements for the first half than to acknowledge our Top Contributors for July!


These all-stars (and rockstar) create content that is relevant, engaging and fun-forward that always catches eyes. From attending #LiNC (great profile pic btw @VarunGrazitti), to celebrating social media day with us, to contributing on our community; they have it all! Were stoked to see what they’ll continue to do for the rest of the year, but first let’s give them a round of applause.


Congratulations to @RobertT, @Fellsteruk, @VarunGrazitti

 TopContributors_May (2).png


Robert Thompson- He’s been our #1 top contributors champ for two months in a row because of his key insights on our community.


Stephen Fell- showers us with great content and flower décor for the Lithium office. Thank you again for the beautiful orchid!


Varunl Grazitti- attended #LiNCLocal London and showed his enthusiasm for the event on social! Glad you came out; we hope you had a valuable and fun experience.


Hats off to you special folks and thank you for being so loyal to our community! The Lithium Team appreciates you.

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Just adding : best avatar of the month clearly goes to @VarunGrazitti ! Smiley Wink

Community Management

Great work guys. Many thanks for sharing your experience, knowledge and insights. 



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And the picture credit goes to @ArnaudL 

Community Management
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Whhooop whoop look at this handsome group of three.

congratulations!! So much to

learn from all of you!


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