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Good day everyone,

My community has just migrated to Lithium from Jive and I have a functionality question.

I believe the best way to make an announcement or teach a best practice is with a blog; correct?

The issue is, although people can comment on the blog, they cannot respond directly to another person who has also responded.

Is that possible?  Rather than a railfall of comments, a way to respond directly to a fellow poster?

Thank you,


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We use alerts for announcements....if important enough. And we link the alert to a post in the community news board. We use the blog for story telling and specific program updates. HoweverI think your question is not a route the best practice of that but I rather go to how you can see threaded conversations in comments to a blog. It sounds like the same question you had before in this community? Only difference is the the conversation style?



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Thanks Wendy - you are correct - it is the ability for anyone within a discussion to clearly respond to others at any point of the discussion.

I believe it is also helpful to make it easy for people who are not participating to see who is responding to who.



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We asked Lithium Professional Service about this, they advised they can change the style on blog comments to mirror discussion style (chronological w/ Quote) but they aren't able to have threaded comments on blogs. :-(

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