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How are you managing blogging workflows?

For those of you using Lithium's blogging component, how are you managing workflows? For example, we need approved contributors to be able to post something for review, then have it approved before it goes live.


I saw this posted as an idea here:


But there's no way people haven't found a workaround as this is an essential feature.




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Re: How are you managing blogging workflows?

We use Lithium Reach to publish blogs now but prior to that we used the native community blog component to publish. In both cases though only internal staff were given the opportunity to submit blog content.


That said, I have been thinking about ways that a blog could be opened to allow user participation, which would need to be approved before going live. As an initial trial we are using a email dropbox for contributors to submit content as a word document and our community managers are publishing on their behalf through the Lithium Reach platform.


I have not tried to implement this to test if it works but my idea for a more formalised process was as follows;


- setting up a new blog that would be used as an approval area

- set the default access level for the blog so that users can create an article but NOT read them


This would effectively create a hidden blog that only users granted access (moderators, admins and anyone else you granted access to view) could actually see the submitted content. The process for your approvers would then be to;


- review newly submitted blogs, making adjustments as required

- rejected blogs either deleted or moved another board created to house rejected content (as a way of keeping a record)

- approved blogs moved from the approval blog to the appropriate live blog


The drawback would be that the publish date, and hence the sort order, would be based on when the user submitted rather than when you approved.

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Re: How are you managing blogging workflows?

Thanks for your insight @DanK. We're actually not using Reach at this time - but it's good to know what others are doing. Smiley Happy


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