Is it possible to see who is online or within the community?


Good day everyone,

Is it possible to see who is online and currently active in a community?

I see this as a way for users to connect with others.

Thank you,


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Hi @Toby,


I think you could handle this use case by writing some custom code. Both Lithium APIs (v1, v2) offer resources to query the online/offline status of a user:



You only have to check, if access the user id at the widget/module is possible.

Maybe some older posts with similar subjects will help you to determine your next steps.




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Hi Toby!


We do have a widget to show users who are currently online in the community:


 <component id="forums.widget.users-online"/>


You just need to add this in Studio under Page per the instructions in our documentation here:




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Community Management

FYI: The online users widget @MaureenD described adding contains a link to view all community online users and that leads to this page:

So yes, that information is available

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Thank you @MaureenD and @ClaudiusH - I will work on adding this widget.



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