Message placeholder when a thread is closed

Sorry if this is an old question, I did try to find it but no luck.


Is there a way to set a message placeholder when a thread is closed (rather than moved only) from the system settings or this would be a custom build?


I'm seeing more and more users that are unsure when a thread is open or not (there's no clear indication to whether it's closed or not from a user's perspective).


Any workarounds for this? (if this is not an OotB setting I'm missing)

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Re: Message placeholder when a thread is closed



Currently there is not out of the box functionality on topic page level that would help indicating that the current topic is closed for replies. A visitor to the topic would only be able to tell by the deactivated reply buttons / missing quick reply. Only on the board level you can tell a topic has been closed by the locked icon (in the default styling) shown next to it.


It would be great if you could file a new product enhancement idea so that others can show their support for this improvement.

Looks like @miikka was quicker and just filed "Visual indication of a closed topic on Forum Topic Page" - Please share your support and add details on your scenario in the idea comments.

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