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didnt know you could do that @ClaudiusH


"quickly runs off to change case from remove emoji to edit....."


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Hi all


A special shout out to @doug_ebay and @ClaudiusH 😁


I have installed the EmojiOne 🔥🦊 extention - it works brilliantly (although a little slow).  Now to convince my community manager to have this in our community.


😍 it !!




Unsure if its related, but on this forum and on my own community, experiencing this issue (coincidently after installing the firefox extention)

Unexpected Error 2.jpg

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quinnicus wrote:

Unsure if its related, but on this forum and on my own community, experiencing this issue (coincidently after installing the firefox extention)


This is caused by the EmojiOne browser extension. If you enable auto-replacing emojis in your browser with those from EmojiOne in the extension's settings

EmojiOne_Autoreplace.pngEmojiOne Chrome extension - Auto-Replace setting

...then the extension will add some HTML code  to overlay above normal Emojis. This conflicts with Lithium's Rich Text Editor's auto-save feature which doesn't accept full HTML. 🤦 So you will keep getting this autosave error. In the extension setting you could exclude certain domains from having the auto-replace applied (e.g. on your Lithium community), but then you would loose the benefit of the extension. 🤷

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Adding the following link:


I believe there is an on-going discussion in the non-public area in regards to this.

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With all due respect @JoeC and @ClaudiusH


The request for new, millenial-style emojis set has been floating around for nearly 2 years and Lithium is still not capable of making new sets of emojis available to its customers? Do you seriously expect your paying customers (needless to mention that Lithium is not the cheapest out there) to look out for solutions elsewhere? So by when can we, Lithium customers, expect new emoji sets that can be used with desktop computers?



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Hey @Frida


I get that you're frustrated with the lack of modern emoji's "I was myself" but to be really honest with you, If the look n feel of your emoji's is the most important feature you want to see brought to the platform and the biggest concern in your community then I guess you're doing well! 


As I've said I was also deeply frustrated by the 1980 style emoji's but you know what?  I changed them myself, didn't cost me anything other than a few hours of my time to speak with support, test, tweak and then deploy all without any need to touch code so whilst I get your frustration if it's really causing you an issue update them yourself and with plenty of royalty free emoji's in the world to use, what's stopping you? 


I'm a customer just like you and actually a massive fan & critic of lithium with very high expectations but I'll be honest... In the grand scheme of product features currently outstanding there are 100's of enhancements I'd rather lithium be spending my subscription fee working to deliver than a new set of emoji's especially when lithium have given us all a way to update them ourselves.



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Hi all


Just to update this thread since I started it - My community of which I am a SuperUser of, has just rolled out its new Emoji package 2 days ago.


I posted the new emojies available in my community in this thread:


For me, I am now happy Smiley Very Happy




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Hey @Fellsteruk


Thank you for your feedback. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Yes, I'm frustrated. Not because of the lack of emojis but because I regard Lithium as quite slow regarding adapting to market changes and customer requirement. You beautifully got to the heart of the issue: For the money we spend I don't feel spending "hours of my time to speak with support, test, tweak and then deploy". If you can afford spending valuable time on this kind of tasks, which should be part of the standard service, then your community is doing far better than ours Woman Wink Believe me, I'm struggling with other issues on our community which are surely more important than emojis (e.g. emojis aren't working at all, task open for weeks now, buggy page view count, new blog does not adhere to basic SEO requirements, etc.). I simply wonder, if emojis is such a simple task, why does it take ages to make them available to customers? Doesn't make me feel very optimistic for more complex tasks...



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Realistically, it no longer makes sense for Lithium or any other vendor that provides post editors to invest in custom emoji support. The Unicode standard is deeply rooted in all modern operating systems and is understood by most users as the definitive mechanism of adding emoji to their communications. Furthermore, new emojis are being added all the time to the standard and are rolled out regularly via OS updates (I do think that desktop operating systems could do a better job of making emojis more accessable in their interfaces, but that's for Microsoft, Google, and Apple to figure out).📱🖥💻⌨️


This is analogous to the discussion around spellcheckers in the post editor. Now that modern browsers and operating systems have spellchecking technology built-in, there's no reason for post editors to supply their own competing spellchecking experience. To continue development would be to swim against the current. ✅


In short, I'd prefer that Lithium allocate development resources to new features and functions that are additive rather than trying to battle standards that most consumers have accepted and use every day. 👍🏻💸

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