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Science of Social blog

Adaptive Influence Model: Fixing the Influence Irony
By MikeW 8 Comments
5 Kudos

Science of Social blog

The Influence Irony – Influence Engine Optimization
By MikeW 14 Comments
5 Kudos

Science of Social blog

Validating the Influence Model: How do You Know Your Influence...
By MikeW 0 Comments
5 Kudos

Science of Social blog

Learning the Science of Prediction: How do You Know Your Influ...
By MikeW 4 Comments
2 Kudos

Science of Social blog

The Missing Link of Influence: The Potential to Influence, and...
By MikeW 19 Comments
2 Kudos

Science of Social blog

Why Brands STILL don't Understand Digital Influence?
By MikeW 9 Comments
8 Kudos

Science of Social blog

What is Influence, Really? – No Carrot, No Stick, No Annoyance...
By MikeW 13 Comments
5 Kudos

Science of Social blog

Is the Tipping Point REALLY Toast - Do Influencers REALLY Matter?
By MikeW 33 Comments
7 Kudos

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