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For the last few weeks, I’ve been talking about the data-information inequality: information << data. The Big Data Fallacy: Data ≠ Information How Much Information is in Your Big Data and How Can You Measure It? So by now you should understand the re...
by Lithium Alumni (Retired) Lithium Alumni (Retired) in Science of Social Blog ‎June 21, 2018 5:32 AM
Hi ya'll!Curious if any of you are maintaining Twitter accounts related to your community. I've been posting as @merakicaroline ( to promote our community activities and as a vehicle for retweets from our corporate ...
by Honored Contributor Honored Contributor in Strategy ‎June 20, 2018 2:10 PM
Hello,How do I apply a superuser icon without the member losing their current rank/icon? For example some Lithium members have their rank ladder icon "Honored Contributor" on left and special "rockstar" icon on right but it appears they still have th...
by Occasional Advisor Occasional Advisor in Strategy ‎June 20, 2018 12:09 AM
Hello, I am new in LSMM and I have to make a report about Agents performance. I dont understand why sometimes handled cases are different than Responses and Closed. What does it mean Handled cases? How does this metric counts? Please help me!! Is the...
by Occasional Contributor satoshiat Occasional Contributor in Strategy ‎June 12, 2018 5:21 AM
Hello everyone. What metrics are you all focused on? What do you measure at the agent level and the work queue level etc.
by joshcortez30 New Commentator in Strategy ‎June 08, 2018 3:59 PM

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